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What greater gift than the love of a cat

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I love the Bowls I bought from My Loved Paw! Easy to clean, the bowls secure nicely into the bottom holder while also being easy to remove for cleaning. Only downside is that because the entire structure is tipped forward when the bowls sit in the holder, you can’t really put much food or water into the bowls at one time and if you do it’s prone to spilling out if kitty bumps into it.

You have the best Cat Bowls! My big cat is the messiest eater and splashes water everywhere. Problem solved with perfect design. I feed the cat on the dryer so the dog does not eat his food. The base is very stable. The cat loves the tilted design and ease to access food and water.

I would definitely recommend the My Loved Paw bowls to anyone, not only are they easy to clean, sturdy, and lightweight they're also adorably cute!!The cat bowls are shaped like cat heads!!The base is also easy to clean up, if it gets dirty or if your cat is a messy eater.

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